It was all Primark







So – what do you do when the little boy decides to pee all over a pile of clean clothes in a rather unattentive moment of yourself? You go to Primark. We didn’t bring an awful lot of clothes to Wales this time because we thought the house we rented had a washingmachine. And we had decided to go shopping anyways. However – we didn’t get around to using hardly any of the boys clothes as he decided to discrase himself over them already on the first day. So we jumped in the car to Primark – and stayed there for a good few hours. The entire family got a new wardrobe for a few hundred pounds and all was good again. So apart from the shoes – my entire outfit is actually from Primark.
The ring is from Clogau – I love it so much. It is made in welsh gold. Got to love that. The nailpolish is Essies eternal optimist. Which I found suitable as I am trying to ride a positive wave these days.


2 thoughts on “It was all Primark

  1. Haha, småbarnslivets gleder, eller hva? :-p
    Har aldri fått vært på Primark selv, bare hørt masse om det! Sist vi var i London var jeg på Westfield, men da hadde jeg ikke hørt om Primark en gang :/

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