Exuses exuses…

cardiff collage DSCN0474


Before I became a mum, I was always so organized. After boy came along, those organizational skills seem to have left me somewhat. Not only was I not able to find no internet in the Rhondda Valleys of Wales, but I had forgotten my cameracable. Things were not looking up so to say. I wasn’t meant to blog on holidays it would seem. But I took some photos with my lesser professional camera – although not as good as the ones my D700 takes, it will have to do. As soon as I realised I would not find internet in the Valleys anyways, I started taking my outfitpictures with my D700 again.

Aaaanyways – enough with exuses. We’ve had a really nice holidays. Nice shopping, and nice experiences. And a beautiful ring my husband bought me as a thank you for our son. My man did good. The ring is in the Clogau bag on the picture and I will show it to you later. Btw – check the Clogau range here – they are amazing!


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