I have – have you?


How annoying do you find it when your last razorblade has died and you have to buy new ones? Personally I find it frustrating. Not necessarily because of cost or effort, but because I forget. I go to the shop, I buy all I need, and I forget razorblades. So now I am simply subscribing to them. It’s simple, I have them delivered, I never run out of blades and I can choose how often I want new ones sent to me. With a teenager of a stepdaughter (yep – my husband is a teeny bit older than me) in my case it’s quite often… Did you know you could get the razor free? You can get it here. And if yoy don’t like it you can stop subscribing any time you want. Great huh…? All I can say to that is happy shaving!

PS – I haven’t been paid to sell this. I am simply recommending it from my own free will. (Imagine that huh… ;-))


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