What sweater is…





So – the sun is out but it is not particularly warm at the moment, so I had to dig out a sweater. Tried to sit outside for a birthdaycoffe at Cafe DeParis in town, celebrating littlest birthday yesterday – but the mum got cold so everybody had to move indoors. (I am recovering from a cold after all… ehrm…) The boy was in for his 12 month check up (His MOT as my dad said) – in which we were rather late to as per ususal. I would like to blame the baby this time as well but actually it was my bad hairday that caused it. My hair, in which I was going to style in a glamourous updo, ended up in a braid, in which by the time I got around to take these photos, I now see made me look like a really haggard mum. The accessories situation I can’t even go into. And I could not for the life of me find my black sunglasses. It is also worth mentioning that the trousers went straight into the washingmachine again full of banana the second I got home. Glamour and motherhood doesn’t always go hand in hand as you can see – but I’ll be damned for not at least trying! 🙂

Sweater from HM, trousers from Mango, shoes from Din Sko, bag from Phillip Lim.


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