Sooo… The internet failed me miserably whilst on holiday. So thank god for the Lounge at Heathrow and free internet to help me catch up a bit. Anyways – we are on our way home to restart our lives after a very busy holiday. I will tell you all about it once I am safely at home and have gathered my ty thoughts. 🙂


Sorry for the absence


Okay – so I went on holidays – and the internetconnection wasn’t as good as I planned. I have sorted it out now though, and will be back with more updates presently. All about what you do when the baby decides to pee all over his pile of CLEAN clothes – how you cope when Your left eye suddenly decides to become EVIL when you have an important businessmeeting and shopping of course! 😉

I have – have you?


How annoying do you find it when your last razorblade has died and you have to buy new ones? Personally I find it frustrating. Not necessarily because of cost or effort, but because I forget. I go to the shop, I buy all I need, and I forget razorblades. So now I am simply subscribing to them. It’s simple, I have them delivered, I never run out of blades and I can choose how often I want new ones sent to me. With a teenager of a stepdaughter (yep – my husband is a teeny bit older than me) in my case it’s quite often… Did you know you could get the razor free? You can get it here. And if yoy don’t like it you can stop subscribing any time you want. Great huh…? All I can say to that is happy shaving!

PS – I haven’t been paid to sell this. I am simply recommending it from my own free will. (Imagine that huh… ;-))

Looking forward for fall



And here is the reason why… I ordered it from SheInside a couple of months ago – it arrived two weeks ago. And by that time, it was to warm out to wear it – so I think it will be perfect for september. Now – I obviously don’t want to change out summer for fall just because of a jacket, but it is nice to have something to cheer me up for going into a colder and darker season. Besides – other reasons I am looking forward to fall is to start working again, and for the boy to start kindergarten. I can see he is void of playtime with kids his own age, so I believe he will love it.


What sweater is…





So – the sun is out but it is not particularly warm at the moment, so I had to dig out a sweater. Tried to sit outside for a birthdaycoffe at Cafe DeParis in town, celebrating littlest birthday yesterday – but the mum got cold so everybody had to move indoors. (I am recovering from a cold after all… ehrm…) The boy was in for his 12 month check up (His MOT as my dad said) – in which we were rather late to as per ususal. I would like to blame the baby this time as well but actually it was my bad hairday that caused it. My hair, in which I was going to style in a glamourous updo, ended up in a braid, in which by the time I got around to take these photos, I now see made me look like a really haggard mum. The accessories situation I can’t even go into. And I could not for the life of me find my black sunglasses. It is also worth mentioning that the trousers went straight into the washingmachine again full of banana the second I got home. Glamour and motherhood doesn’t always go hand in hand as you can see – but I’ll be damned for not at least trying! 🙂

Sweater from HM, trousers from Mango, shoes from Din Sko, bag from Phillip Lim.

One year ago…


… I was finding myself staring down at this beautiful little man for the very first time. I was so amazed, and so proud. And soo soo tired… Still I was unable to go to sleep in fear of losing him for lack of paying attention. Unable to take my eyes of him. Looking forward to showing him to the world. And to show the world to him. It has been one year already, and oh how you’ve grown. From this day on you are no longer considered to be a baby. But you will ALWAYS be MY baby.

Happy birthday sweetheart!

Any colour…






Well… The cold is still on… But I am just about as fed up about it as… well I cannot seem to find anything to compare it with really. So I decided to dress up anyway, and get some work done. Yesterday we were having people over to celebrate my son becoming 1 year old. So I’ve been coverd in flour and sugar all weekend, trying to make the people something to eat when they arrived. I managed to throw him a semi-decent birthdayparty after all – but it all resulted in me crawling back into bed today… At least I haven’t got a fever anymore so hopefully I’m headed the right way. 🙂

So cold…



Turns out it is not hayfever I am suffering from after all. Just a good oldfashioned cold. Which I rarely get so I mistook it for hayfever… Aaaanyways… To cheer mysef up today I went to the BikBok sale. And I picked up this lovelyness at 50% discount. I will pair it with my white jeans, black gladiator stilettos (yes – I CAN wear gladiatorstillettoes even if I look after my boy – more about that in a later post) and a black blazer… Or I will pair it With my black leather skirt and cute white ballerinas. Possibly with black skinnyjeans and loafers… Aaaand a new jacket I just recieved from SheInside (will post as soon as feeling not sick anymore) The possibilities are just endless I find. can’t wait to use it in an outfit. Just GOT TO get rid of this boring cold…

Guess where



Having the worst cold I have ever experienced in my life, and feeling very sorry for myself, it was a big consolation when my sister texted me today saying that SAS had a 1 million cheap tickets sale on, and offered to fix us some tickets to London. So in November we are going on a shoppingtrip to London together. Some proper sistertime just in time for the christmasshopping. If that doesn’t cure my fever I don’t know what will. London here we coooome!!

Full stop


I had so many plans this week. I was going to take hundreds of fabulous oufitpictures, do baking with my stepdaughter for her class farewellparty in school (she starts ungdomskolen in august) I was going to buy cabinets for my “walk-in closet” come office come nursery (who am I kidding – I am never going to have a walk in closet – I have too many kids and stepkids for that) fix my nails, fix my hair, book an electrician and on top of everyting I was going to be a supermom. But then I got sick. For the first time in 4 years I got an outbreak of hayfever and 38,5 fever (101 in Farenheit for those who wonder). Fortuately I have a super husband and a super son. A son who decided to play nicely by himself in his playpen and not complain more than a couple of times, and then decide to be ridiculusly tired at six fifteen and just wanting to go to bed. And a husband who decided to hop in bed with me and watch house of lies around seven to kerp me company. Can a girlhave it any better.

Today Im going to the doctor tohave a cortisoninjection and hoping my hayfever will bebearable from hereon in 🙂