Throwback… eh… Friday??


This time last year I was sporting the biggest belly known to mankind. (At least it felt like that) I was waiting for my little boy, and I WAS IMPATIENT!! This year I’m sporting the biggest bags underneath my eyes – but I’m loving every minute of motherhood. I love every stain on my shirt, I love every evening waiting for him to fall a sleep. I love singing to him, I love cuddling in front of Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior. I hum the tunes from the childrens TVshows. I love his little quirks (like shaking his head just before he is about to do something he knows he is not allowed to do)
The jury is still out on the question on wether I want to have more kids – In the meantime I reminisce with this picture from last year, just a couple of weeks before my life was turned upside down… 🙂


YSL sandals – I want them


photo: pinterest

There is not very much more to say really. When does Santa start accepting wishlists for 2014?

Good morning



I would love to say that every morning starts with a healthy meal, sitting by the kitchentable, looking out into the morningsun, reading the latest edition of Vouge. I can assure you – that does NOT happen. Usually the mornings goes a little something like this: Up – change nappy – feed baby – stop baby from throwing things on the floor to wake up our tenants – put baby in playpen whilst leaving him there screaming with fury of having to play by himself for a few minutes whilst mummy goes to the toilet – listen by the door to hear baby succumbing to the fact that he has to entertain himself for a little while – and actually find him to be happy about it – find a banana/biscuit/loaf of bread/something to tie me over for a while – read a book for baby – play a bit with baby – watch Fireman Sam with baby, and pretend it is the most interesting piece of TVproduction I have ever seen – put baby back to bed for his morning nap – rest for two minutes – get dressed – start whatever needs to be done that day.

This morning however – for some odd reason – started with oatmeal porridge (why only make it for baby) and ten whole minutes of Vogue…

She’s got them wedges on




Indeed she did. I always used to wear high heels before I got pregnant. But stillettos and a baby, to my mind, doesn’t work very well. I am terrified of falling over and breaking my little boys neck. So I steer clear of most high heels these days, unless I am going somewhere without my boy. Which – frankly speaking – is never… However – wedges works fine. They are easier to balance and gives me that little extra height I so desperately think I need. I have found a way of having my cake AND eat it too. Don’t you just love it when that happens?
On the shoefront, I must say I am looking forward to the boy being a bit older, able to stand and walk by himself, so I can dust off my stillettos again. Until then – wedges are my new friends.

The wedges are from HM, my jeans from Primark, my jacket from SheInside, my sweater from River Island, my bag from Michael Kors and my watch from Daniel Wellington.


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Spot the mum



Have you ever tried to do a job whilst looking after an “almost1yearold”? Whilst desperately trying to take some photos in an inconspicous location, with not too many wievers, doing it fast and furious AND have a little toddler who would most like to drag himself (not crawl – no no – DRAG) along the asphalt, it was bound to end in 45 photos of the sky – 36 blurred photos – 15 photos of the top of the boys head… In the end I found it easiest to just have him IN the photo…
I did manage to get some decent fashionbloggerworthy photos in the end – I will show them tomorrow. In the meantime – have a good night. 🙂

It was all yellow



I’m not really a great fan of yellow. I’m a bit more of a mellower kind of colour girl. But sometimes, a bright colour just lift my spirits. Like today – when I had a thousandandone things on my to-do list. And I find myself falling asleep at 1PM and not waking up until 4PM. The whole day is ruined then, isn’t it. (But god did it feel great to have a nap – I’m not usually a daysleeper, so I guess it was highly needed seeing as my body just collapsed)

The trousers are from BikBok, the jacket from Ted Baker, yellow sweater from Vince and shoes from Skopunkten.

What I wanted to wear



Today I wanted to wear this. Shorts and a shirt. And some awsome heels. But the weather turned all suddenly, and rain poured down again. Bummer. So what I actually wore was a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, looking after my boy who is struggling with teeth breaking through, and possibly a bit of a growing spurt, making him all tired, fatigues and dear I say, a bit on the grumpy side.

Anyways – when the weather turnes back, I will definately wear this outfit. Shorts and shirt from HM, shoes from Michael Kors (how I love MK) and a watch from Daniel Wellington. The model Cardiff of course, as that is where my husband is from.



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The shoes – the story



These shoes… My husband bougt them for me. They are from Pimkie. We went into the shop. My husband picked them up for me. I tried them on. They fitted perfectly. But I really couldn’t see how I would ever find any outfits to wear them with. So I decided not to buy them. I told my husband that they were really nice, but my days of buying useless things just because they are pretty are over. He was having none of that. So he bought them for me.
And so I brought them home with me and I found several outfits they worked well with. So they have been used quite alot. And so to the part of the story my husband really likes to remind me of every now and then. I wore them out to a shoppinground. We went to Aldo and to Vanessa (high-end kind of boutique in Stavanger) and within 10 minutes – the salesassistants in both shops complimented me on my shoes. A thing m husband finds we are really not very good at in Norway. Giving strangers compliments for no apparent reason. We like to keep things to ourselves. So for anyone to actually mention my shoes no less than TWICE in 10 minutes, in his eyes means they must be outstanding.  And so he brages about how HE bought me the shoes that seems to grab everyones attention. Me… – I got a pair of free shoes, so I’m not really complaining at all. You want them…? You can get them here.


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Yes please


I haven’t really got a proper pair of black pumps. So I really should aim to aquire a pair. I like these. From which designer you ask? Prada of course 😉