Oversized shirt kinda day



Today casual was just right. White shirt and jeans. And sneakers. Had to take the kiddo to the doctors. As per usual, we were running late. I have lost doctorsappointments before for being late. And of course there were no parkingspaces available when we arrived, slightly sweaty and hotheaded. Sneakers was the perfect solution when I had to run with the boy on my arm from the car and into the doctors.

My shirt is from HM, jeans from Primark, shoes from Nike, bag from Chanel and watch from Daniel Wellington.

Do you have experience being late, or are you the type of person who shows up 15 min early every time?


Fashionably practical



Beeing a mum, I am always looking for practical outfits that also look good. After trials and errors (and lots of them) over the last 10 months I have found that practical does not exlude stylish and fashionable. So tomorrow I think I will wear something like this.
I do still need a bit of space in my bag – an extra nappy, some wetvipes, a banana and a bottle of water for the baby – cellphone and wallet for me.
You wannna buy this outfit? Get the jeans here – the shirt here – the necklace here – the shoes here and the satchel here.

Fifth time’s a charm


So… I’m a mum. I’m 33 and a mum. First time. For 32 years I have been living selfishly. All my money went on me and the stuff I wanted. My time as well. If I wanted to spend an hour in the bathroom in the morning, so I did. Putting on nailvarnish and let It dry – no problem. Hairextensions, curlingirons, product upon product in my hair. Leave-in pacs, spatime in my bathtub. Shoppingtrips to New York and London. Designerbags. Burberrycoats. Life was pretty good.


Enter: My son… Sleepless nights. Hours of crying. Vomit in my hair. A cupboard full of stillettos that are just collecting dust. At first I refused to let go of my style. Then I succumbed to motherhood. My uniform consisted of jeans and longsleeved t-shirts.I cancelled all my subscriptions of fashionmagazines. I sopped following fashionbloggers. I stopped going into shops.I could not use any of the gorgeous stuff in there anyways. Nothing was practical. I became a MOM!! I started a mummyblog. I thought I had found my calling in life. But as the months crept by, my passion for fashion started creeping back up on me.
I have to be honest with you all. I don’t know if I am very credible anymore in the blogosphere – I have started and ended more blogs over the last 10 months than an average fashionista changes accessories during a season. Becoming a mum was though. I lost myself. I tried to be the mom society, the nurses and fellow mums wanted me to be. Terrified of being backslapped if I didn’t do everything correct by my son. An interest in fashion seemed so selfish – and at the nursesoffice I visited every month, my fashionsense did not seem to be welcomed with much more than evil looks from all the earthmums who willingly sacrificed everything for their children. The mums who apparently had no problems whatsoever handling the role as a mum, sleepless nights, sore nipples and the lot. The ones who actually seemed to enjoy the whole scenario and more than willingly will do it again and again and again…
I tried to leave fashion behind. The problem was that fashion didn’t seem to want to leave me behind. So here I am – with a new outlook on the role of both fashionista and mum. And I truly believe you can have your cake and eat it too…